Colours of Choice

I watched in fascination and repulsion as the tiny drop of sweat traced a faint line across my glasses and balanced on the bottom of my lens. It seemed to take forever to fall off the edge and onto the dry pavement beneath my feet. But it finally did and I removed my glasses to wipe away that little trail of salt and water. My sweat stained, saturated handkerchief refused to dry the lens. All I got for my vigorous efforts was a foggy pair of spectacles, worse now than before. But I didn’t care. I didn’t really care to see the world in all its glory and marvel at its intricate and beautiful details, so I put those blurry glasses on and stuffed the wet cloth back into my pant pocket. The intense Continue reading


A Fair Obsession

A pretty lady appears on the screen with a frown on her lovely face. She has a tennis match in an hour and she is worried. It appears to be a major event in her sporting career and naturally, pre-game jitters are to be expected. However, instead of having doubts about her serving techniques, the condition of play or even the large crowd gathered, we are told by a mellifluous voice that she is worried about her dark, tanned skin. She looks at herself in the mirror and is nearly in tears as she touches her face; wondering aloud Continue reading

Drawing the Line

This is an interesting opinion piece by my friend LeftyChemist on the concept of religion and the faith and belief in it. Here he talks about the thinning line between religious beliefs and superstitious beliefs and cites some examples in the Indian context to accentuate his points. I have to thank LeftyChemist for his contribution to my blog and I hope to receive and share many more such pieces from him.

Drawing the line

‘You’re so far away from the line that you can’t see the line… The line is a dot to you..!

                                                                                                -Joey Tribbiani

I’m talking of the line that separates religion from superstition and the line that separates science from religion. Let’s face it- the one thing that has the highest double standards is religion. What my religion is to me is pure Continue reading