Fall of Giants

I came across an article in the Frontline magazine, written by Venkitesh Ramakrishnan, that talks about the rise and fall of BJP in general and Narendra Modi in particular. The author of the article puts forward and discusses various opinions for the waning support for the BJP government in India. It has been 1 year since his election, but Modi is yet deliver much of what was promised in his campaigns, although I feel that 1 year is too short a time to expect anything big from him. The article probes some lesser known causes for the depleting support for the Government and the widening gulf between the BJP party workers and the trio at the top – Jaitley, Modi and Shah. The article is an interesting read and good report on why the Modi machine has slowed down. Here is the article –


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Drawing the Line

This is an interesting opinion piece by my friend LeftyChemist on the concept of religion and the faith and belief in it. Here he talks about the thinning line between religious beliefs and superstitious beliefs and cites some examples in the Indian context to accentuate his points. I have to thank LeftyChemist for his contribution to my blog and I hope to receive and share many more such pieces from him.

Drawing the line

‘You’re so far away from the line that you can’t see the line… The line is a dot to you..!

                                                                                                -Joey Tribbiani

I’m talking of the line that separates religion from superstition and the line that separates science from religion. Let’s face it- the one thing that has the highest double standards is religion. What my religion is to me is pure Continue reading

Big Game Hunting – With darts?

Birds 066

I came across this article in the National Geographic and it is very disturbing to know that game hunters are now changing their ammo from bullets to tranquilizer darts. All in the name of ‘wildlife conservation’. The justification behind this scheme is that for the conservation of wildlife, they must be caught and administered vaccine. And what better way to do so than have a rich, testosterone driven hunter go after the animal with a gun. Of course, no bullets only darts and no kill, only knock out. What would otherwise be a routine process for the conservationist would now be treated as a ‘game’ and an easy way to raise money for the ’cause’. Check out this article to know more about the rationale behind this idea and the arguments against it – http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/05/150514-catch-release-hunting-green-bongo-conservation-animals/#

Iron Fish – A better hero than Iron Man

ironfish2 ironfish5

A Canadian doctor has created a new hero that the world deserves – Iron Fish. Yes, it is literally an iron fish! Dr Christopher Charles came up with the idea of ‘Lucky Iron Fish’ as a way to build the iron content in the diet. All you have to do is to drop the little fish into the dish you are cooking and a little citrus juice for the iron absorption and then remove it. To know more about this ingenious idea visit http://www.luckyironfish.com/