Book Review – When We Were Orphans


*Spoiler alert!*

After finishing ‘Cloud Atlas’ by David Mitchell, I took up another Booker Prize contender ‘When We Were Orphans’ by renowned British writer Kazuo Ishigura. I hadn’t read any of his earlier works and I thought of giving this one a try. The story deals with a fictional character, one Christopher Banks, who despite becoming Britain’s foremost detective, is unable to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of his parents during his childhood in Shanghai. The entire work appears Continue reading


Book Review – Cloud Atlas


I finished reading the book ‘Cloud Atlas’ by David Mitchell. I must say, it was one heck of a journey across different periods in time and space. I loved the six stories and the way the author writes them keeping that period of time in mind. Moreover it is the interconnecting link that joins these different stories that makes for a exciting read. Once you start the book, knowing the basic premise, you start hunting for the links between each story. My favorite of the six is the ‘Orison of Sonmi’. Being a fan of the science fiction genre, Continue reading