I came across an article in the Frontline magazine, written by Venkitesh Ramakrishnan, that talks about the rise and fall of BJP in general and Narendra Modi in particular. The author of the article puts forward and discusses various opinions for the waning support for the BJP government in India. It has been 1 year since his election, but Modi is yet deliver much of what was promised in his campaigns, although I feel that 1 year is too short a time to expect anything big from him. The article probes some lesser known causes for the depleting support for the Government and the widening gulf between the BJP party workers and the trio at the top – Jaitley, Modi and Shah. The article is an interesting read and good report on why the Modi machine has slowed down. Here is the article –


Any comments and opinions are welcome.


One thought on “Fall of Giants

  1. The article does try to highlight the shortcoming of Modi’s government. That being said, it looks completely one sided. In my understanding, Modi is trying to fundamentally alter the structure or framework of governance, which will take time to show results. It is naive of us to expect results in 1 year.Moreover, doing something different from the norm is pretty difficult in India and there will be opposition to it, especially from those who are getting impacted from it. I dont think it is possible to transform India in 5 years, but definitely things will evolve in the next 4 years which hopefully will be the foundation on which India will reach greater heights.

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